Friday, September 12, 2008

Who the heck ARE these people?

okay - this is going to sound like an ungracious post - but I SOOOOO don't mean it that way.  My curiosity has finally gotten the better of me - and hey, don't go anywhere too quickly... I have a whole new pet peeve saved for the end and NOBODY wants to miss my pet peeves right?

I was being nosy and stuck a little feedjit there at the bottom of the blog... scroll down... on the right... a little further... all the way... yeah, right there - just to see if my family in Colorado or New York ever read anything I wrote.  Because hey, if they're not reading it... there's a whole WEALTH of things I could go off about.  Just kidding fam - you know you're loved!

Now I look at that little Feedjit guy and think "what on EARTH?" because really, my life is kinda dull - and I SURELY do not know all of these people - though I'm sure that we'd have a grand time hanging out if I did know all of these people!  

So here it is - Who the heck ARE you people?  Come on, come out of lurking there and admit that you read this... Feedjit doesn't lie :)... well, maybe it does just to make me feel better?  I'm not asking for a lot - just a Howdy, or a Hi... or even a language lesson in other ways to greet somebody because I'm just a little old girl from the... oh shoot, I never was good at regional Geography...   (I NEVER say "howdy" - and since there are people here from places I've never visited, I could really learn a lot... how do you greet a person in Switzerland?)
If it makes you happy you can even tell me why you ran across this blog...  Heaven knows I never put anything up there to intentional catch the "google-eye" - I mean I've never once mentioned the J*n*s Brothers or... oh darn - sorry, that's the extent of my "hip and with it" lexicon!

Okay - and if the only comments I get are from my regulars... I will come up with a very unpleasant toe-nail fungus post just to reward you all :)

And now... what you've all been waiting for - The Pet Peeve of the Day - Brought to you by Hot Pockets brand Hearty Sized Biscuits!  I checked the ingredient list carefully before purchasing these for my eldest son - apparently he learned in Science class something about the fake cheese in these type of products being the same stuff that is used in his deodorant...  and before the frozen food industry slaps me with a libel suit (though I'm pretty sure they're not among my lurkers) - I do not have any personal knowledge of this - talk to the science teacher.
My pet peeve has nothing to do with the cheese - it's all about the label... check it out, it cooks in 1.45 minutes - guys, that's... 87 seconds (according to my calculator... I was going to guess 85 or 90... not too far off).  Of course, it doesn't... it actually takes one minute AND 45 seconds to cook...  which if I'm being honest with myself DOESN'T MATTER in the least.  I'm just a nit-picky person... that's why it's called a pet peeve!   Isn't there a less confusing way to say it... 1:45 is out because apparently then someone's going to have a fire in their microwave...  The fact is - nobody else in the world cares - it makes as much sense as it can without putting more words on the box (and why not do just that), and even if someone out there is even MORE neurotic than me - if that's possible - and goes ahead and does the math in order to cook it for 87 seconds...  will the 18 second deficit really make a lick of difference?
Okay, I'm over it now - venting is good for the soul... maybe.


Megz said...

I have an invisible statcounter on my blog. So whenever I get excited to see all the different countries that are popping up I can login to my account to see more details. Then I get sad because the majority of them just ran across me during some google search (my Gary Coleman one got lots of hits) and lasted '0 seconds' on my page. Come on, at least read me for a few more seconds!
As far as your microwave venting....I strongly believe in rounding down when dealing with microwave minutes.

T said...

hadn't thought that 99.9% of them probably don't stick around to bask in the hilarity - I'm still way curious as to what they are searching for on google that gets them HERE of all places!

mariann and Tory said...

Hey! You found my blog! Your kids are looking so old! Sooo grown up!

cold cocoa said...

Maybe they are doing searches on cool cakes or any number of quirky topics you have on your blog! Good things draw good people, right? So technically all those lurkers should be one big happy family with us all. And count on several hundred more people for the HotBiscuits search!

Firefly said...

Hi T, I found your blog after you posted on that crazy real estate blog that shows bad pics of MLS listings. I don't know why I clicked on you, maybe it was the little black and white pic? Or just the handle "T". ha. I think you are really funny, so if you don't mind I'll keep checking in. Have you read the ingredients to those Hot Pockets, wow, really gross. I vote for the science teacher! She is right!

T said...

yeah... notice I bought those for my son... he's still young enough to eat that kind of thing and not keel over right away!

Always happy to have someone here who thinks I'm funny - my kids stopped thinking that about the age of 3... which means they've all outgrown it now so I'm in desperate need of ego-boosting laughter :)