Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A whole lotta NINES!

once again the calendar rolls around to that day of days - that birthday in Fall...  you know, the one not CRAMMED in there with all the other Spring birthdays in our family.  Po has finally reached the magic number 9... and since he was born on 9-9-99, this is truly something of an occasion... of course, next year will be an occasion too, but hey - that's a whole year away and this is now - wouldn't you rather I stuck to the present in my blogging?

Being a fairly typical 9 year old he is obsessed with all things Wii/baseball/Pokemon and very much enjoyed the mornings' "boola-boola" (a family tradition - using the song volume to indicate how close the birthday boy is to their gifts - a "hot and cold" variation)... the tricky thing this morning was that once again, the gifts had been hidden so quickly that nobody remembered where any were - so once again we had to resort to pointing and coughing the words "boola-pillow, Boola-piano..."  Whatever, as long as he gets his haul!

As we watch our youngest boy grow past the stage of match-box cars and play-dough (but not Legos - you NEVER outgrow Legos) we are momentarily saddened that there will likely never be another child running around our house in a batman costume for 8 months out of the year (you never know about my girls)... and then I remember how excited I am that I will also never again have to cram an entire wolf badge into 3 weeks!  Hellllloooo Bears!

And here folk is the fancy Underdog Cake...  it's really more amazing than the picture shows - I based it on a similar cake here - but eliminated the need to add the nasty tasting fondant, I went my own way...  especially since we had to go with the older and much cooler cartoon Underdog and not the new, doggy Underdog.  hmmm, maybe you need a better view of that very cool little Underdog guy - who is entirely edible and made from different flavors of starbursts, tootsie rolls, fruit roll, and a Maple Nut Goodie (which happen to be my favorite candy... luckily I only had to waste one on the cake!)

So, sing with me now:  "Happy Birthday Dear Po-boy, Happy Birthday Toooooo Yoouuuuuu..."
He even has his ring - "the secret compartment of my ring I fill, with my Underdog super energy pill"  Okay, so it isn't perfect - I've tooted my horn sufficiently now at least!

No party this year - Q is really disappointed that he won't be throwing candy and hot fudge sauce down on the children again...


cold cocoa said...

Wow- you guys do way more candy bars on the candy bar chart than I've ever had!

Great cake! That color is great too. Happy Birthday Porter!

He looks like a little Q.

T said...

the candy bar charts aren't always so long... P has reminded us all year long that he's never had a candy bar chart "in his whole life"... so hey, we went a little overboard to make up for it!

Michelle said...

Very impressive! If we had a deck I'm sure T. Gordon would love that party idea as well. We may have to improvise for E's up coming eighth.
Happy Birthday Po. I remember Dating T. Gordon while you were in the womb. My how time flies!

Megz said...

Happy Birthday P! 9 seems so old. Nice underdog, T. I won't even ask how long that took to create just right. And what's a Maple Nut Goodie?

Sher said...

Happy birthday to Connor's "best buddy" from all of us. Way to stick with making fun cakes and way to do it well.

LC said...

Looks like you'll be bringing maple nut goodie at the next get-together!

WOW. Awesome cake. I can't even imagine being able to make an underdog out of candy--let alone make a cake. You're an artist--the super cool kind.