Sunday, April 19, 2009

The age of Aquarius...

Because I put SO MUCH stock in my horoscope I read them faithfully... you know, like at LEAST once a year... usually on my birthday - in the evening... for a good laugh.

We started taking the paper again as of Thursday - I'd tell a big long boring story about how the post office shredded a pile of our letters recently and how although it was totally their fault the letter they sent was very generous in sharing that blame...  but, well - this post is bound to be novelistic anyway so that's all you need to know about THAT!

Today I was taking out the recycling - and just for fun decided to see how far off Jacqueline Bigar was this week:

Thursday:  (a 3-star day) "Clearly you need to gather more facts.  Listen to what you are hearing from a key partner.  Understand what is happening and decide where you can make a difference.  Tonight:  Take some much needed private time.

Ooooh SO Close!  I spent most of Thursday gathering piles of laundry and other assorted "things" from around my house so that I could pretend to be one of those "immaculate housekeepers" at my pampered chef party...  where I "gathered" friends...    By evening... well, let's just eliminate the private time element all together because once I shooed out the P.C. guests my house was welcoming my b.i.l./s.i.l. and their 6 children for a visit.  If I'd KNOWN I was supposed to have private time I might have been annoyed, but since I neglected to read my horoscope until now I just enjoyed the late night chat :)

Friday: (a 4-star day) "Don't plan on acting until you get more information.  Your perspective could be off, as you will discover in the a.m.  Later today, you walk on steady ground, knowing what you want and how to handle it.  Tonight:  Whatever puts a smile on your face."

HA!  Jacqueline Bigar was WAY off on this particular day - well, okay she started off okay because most of us did laze away the morning deciding what to do...  but I don't think my perspective was off...  I think it was just resting.  The "walk on steady ground" and "how to handle it" should be making anybody laugh - at least anybody who was here and witnessed my mincing steps through the great bathroom flood of '09 - or those who were close enough to hear my woes of despair as I threw towel after towel onto the floor with nary a clue of what else to attempt.  It did put a smile on my face that my B.I.L. came to the rescue and got my son to the ball field and my S.I.L. helped to clean the floor while I went to the basement to assess the ceiling damage.  well, okay - the smile didn't come that day but NOW I'm smiling about it :)

Saturday: (a 5 star day)  "You naturally make the right move.  Others seek you out, but a key friend or partner could feel left out.  Be sensitive to this person.  Tonight: Learn to mix both.

well, I might have been making some right moves - unfortunately my niece was making the wrong ones (only a 4 star day for her) and managed to remove a chunk of her toe while getting into the car to head home...  ouch - and ugly...  no pictures (you'll thank me later) but the evidence is still there in little spatters leading from the curb to the front door - luckily she was the only one to become queasy at the sight of blood.  Besides, after the potty-water of the day before, a little blood was no big deal!  
*Others Seeking me out?  the phone rang a b'zillion times, but it was always for M.O.T.H. (man of the house) since he was in charge of the Luau activity that evening.   I sincerely hope I wasn't leaving M.O.T.H. out of my life... we went on a hot date to the local CostCo to pick up paper plates and cups - isn't that enough togetherness?
Gotta give props to Ms. Bigar on the "Learn to mix both" though - because at the luau that evening I was introduced to a wonderful blend of plum/salt/licorice/sugar/glucose/aspartame/FD&C Yellow #5 and Red #40 (otherwise known as Li Hing Mui) that I was encouraged to sprinkle on my freshly cut pineapple.... A Low Hah and Lou Wow, that is some yummy stuff - I need to get myself a lifetime supply of this stuff.  Of course then I'd probably fit INTO my mu-mu...   Speaking of Mu-mus...  even if I don't know how to spell it, I know the one I had was a bit large on me (S.I.L. will back me on this one)...  being as it was gifted to me as a "maybe you can do something to make this work" when my mother found out we were planning a Luau.
I hope she meant what she said when she mentioned that a few alterations were okay... because what used to be the puffy sleeves are now the cute little tops the girls are wearing and the dress itself was taken in by many inches and hemmed by even more inches than that...

back to Ms. Bigar...

Sunday:  (a 5 star day)  "Your personality draws many.  Share a flight of fancy or a long-term wish.  Others put in their two cents.  Somewhere along the way, you see a new path to a key objective.  Tonight:  What would you like to do?"

I'm afraid the only people drawn to me today were 5, 6 and 7 years old...  gotta love primary!

Flight of Fancy/ Long-term Wish to share?  Ummm, I'm thinking that when I grow up I'll become a librarian or an interior designer... or maybe a party planner...  or maybe I'll just admit that I've already grown up so much that this old dog can't learn any new tricks!

Two Cents?  go ahead guys - throw in all the two centses you want :)

New path to a key objective...  maybe that means that the bridge across the river (which turns a five minute drive to baseball practice into a 20 minute drive) will finally be put in this year... THAT would be blog-worthy!

Tonight...  I'll have to think about that one, because currently SLEEP is sounding really good!


Heidi Ashworth said...

When it comes to the drama and injury, your weekend sounds about like mine! And I'll bet you're not even a Libra like me!

cold cocoa said...

You know, it would be really hard to write those things because really, how much different can you make each sign? And to do it every day? It might get painful.

Anyway, sounds like a mostly fun several days. You guys know how to party hard down there.

LC said...

Oooh. Luau sounds fun.
I loved M's caterpillar story on the last post.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Holy cow girl. . . Honestly how r u still going?
The pic is so cute of u guys! And I love luau food. . . Yum!
And yes Costco does count as a date as long as you guys ate samples!
My sis was in town and I have my funny hip hop class on Thurs nights so sorry
I didn't make it to ur PCP

T said...

Heidi - I didn't read up on the Libra week - but apparently we've got a lot of 5-star days coming, Karma owes us!

CC - I'm willing to bet there's a random horoscope generator out there somewhere to help in reading the stars :)

Shelle - no worries about the PCP, though you missed out on a seriously delicious diet killing cake :)

Megz said...

I used to religiously read the horoscopes and I don't know why.
Sorry about your mishaps. That's what makes life bloggy though!