Tuesday, April 28, 2009

it's a little Chili's out there

Today I wake up EXCITED because I am going out to lunch with Shelle, April, and Pat - and I happen to mention this event to M.O.T.H. because well, you know, he's the Man of the House and all and probably deserves to know what I do with my days when I'm not piled under a ton of laundry...  Then he asks me the question... "are these internet friends..."
Hey - it's not like we met on Match.com or Stalkersoftheworldunite.com...  I KNOW these people... sorta.

No more complaints - I know them now!  I've thrown food at them now (well, just Shelle) and no matter what ANYONE else says it was the waitress that knocked Shelle's fork on the floor.  I would ask Pat to back me up on that, but I think she probably feels some loyalty to April for picking up the check and because they went to Wicked together... as a matter of fact these gals are all huge Wicked Fans... I was the only Wicked Virgin at the table... but that's okay - someday I'll be sitting there and basking in the glory too...  and THEN I'll invite you all out to lunch again to discuss!

I was the second to arrive and when I walked in I saw Pat... but wasn't sure it was her...  I asked, and she was nice enough to make this face for me

yep, no doubt about it, that's her!

We didn't wait for Shelle and April before digging into our order of bottomless chips and salsa.  Saying "bottomless" to me is like putting a big neon flashing 50% off sign over a pair of cute shoes... yep, I'm gonna buy 'em.  Give me a week though and my jeans will prove that the word "bottomless" only refers to the serving size and not what it does to my figure.
M.O.T.H. was pretty sure we'd have nothing to talk about... but boy was he wrong - what a man :)

Seriously though - it was the waitress that knocked the fork on the floor - the top bun to my guiltless grilled chicken sandwich had the same fate...  but she was nice enough to snap pictures of the 4 of us together so we'll forgive her!  And because I posted about it FIRST that must mean it's all true...

ack, in all this hurry to be first my daughter is almost done with preschool - outta here!


Kristina P. said...

How fun!

I wish you all could have been to Heidi's book signing on Saturday!

Barbaloot said...

I'm jealous-I would've loved to be there with all those fun ladies (including you).

And I'm with Kristina---wish you all could've been there Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm going to have to check out Pat's blog because she LOOKS JUST LIKE ME! Glasses, dark hair, tonsils and everything --

It's times like these that I almost wish I lived...where ever it is that you live. Or where anybody else lives. Everyone in my home town that blogs, I see them every Sunday at church, so going out to lunch doesn't have the same mystery and excitement as it is for you gals!

Holy cow...how sad is this? My Word Verification is "solated". I feel very lonely right now... I think someone is reading these comments as we type them and throwing significant nonsense words at us as a result!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I don't see the FOUR of you....c'mon Audrey H.....
Looks like a good time! I would have LOVED to have met everyone too.
Maybe the next reunion could be in Bama???

hahaha...the word verification for my comment is ERNAT (I took that to mean "maybe the next reunion could be in Bama...OR NOT!")

val of the south said...

Now if we'd just combine the group from Saturday with your group from today, with Crash's group in July - that would be one helka partay!

What fun - bottomless chips and you 4...can't wait to meet you all!!

You know we need a party bus - start here in Kaysville (cause who really wants to end in Kaysville?) and pick everyone up along the way until we get to NHC's in Vegas (it really is a better party spot).

Anyone in?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hahahahahah I'm laughing so hard that you made Pat do that face before you could recogize her.

I saw your photos on Shelle's blog and girlfriend, you are GORGEOUS!

You put Audrey Hepburn to shame!

I'm coming to St. George on July 12th. We should do this again, unless you and Pat come to Provo.


April said...

hahaha!! I love it!!! I had so much fun taunting you about that dang fork and then the waitress drops your bun on the ground! But then again, you were tossing food around and spewing at people!

We HAVE to do this again! I had a blast! My husband didn't even look at me weird when I told him I had fun. Maybe because he was still getting over having to lie down at the doctor's office. True story.

T said...

April - I was going to ask how your son was, but apparently it's the husband I should worry about. At least it sounds like he didn't faint! (and no, I'm not still laughing... not very loud at least)