Friday, June 18, 2010

20 years of growing up... or so we like to think...

In two hours I am going to be living the life of Riley at my 20th Reunion.  For those of you who just said "no WAY is she that old" - I thank you profusely.

My question is...  who is this Riley person and how exactly am I supposed to be living their life?  I mean - I think I'm going to be plenty busy trying to keep my gut sucked in (because I didn't lose any of the weight I wanted to lose), my hands out of sight (because that manicure I wanted just didn't quite turn out), and my feet straight under me (because I just bought a smokin' hot pair of heels that my podiatrist will hate). 

So what have I learned in the last 20 years?  Well, I certainly don't care anymore who got the choir solo - or the lead part in the musical - who was head cheerleader - or even who is dating whom.  It just doesn't make a lick of difference in my life anymore.  I've learned that if I like my hair this way that everyone else can just stick it. 

Man, looks like I've learned to cop an attitude 'eh?

Okay - so I've also learned to take the blame a little better.  I can now admit when I'm wrong... and I've learned that I was wrong A LOT more often than I even noticed during high school.  I've also learned to stand on my own two feet.  Not just because I spent a good portion of my childhood on crutches - but because I am now big enough to do whatever I want whether or not it's "cool" or "important"

So, with all of this growth why is there a part of me that's scared to death?  It might just be the part that is afraid the new heels are a tad on the high side... but it might be that there's a part of that insecure teenager lurking inside me dying to get out.  Curse you Stephenie Meyer for bringing out the teenager in me with those sappy vampire books!

Tomorrow maybe I'll go see Toy Story 3 before the second night of the reunion so that I can bring out the elementary child in me - THAT should be fun!

I'll have news - and pictures - tomorrow!!! 


Kristina P. said...

I can't believe it's your 20th reunion! I would have thought 30th! I kid, I kid.

Have fun. I will probably never go to any of my high school reunions.

T said...

would someone who's in Utah please drop a nice bag of flaming doggy doo on Kristina's porch for me - thanks :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Kristina!!! HA! She thinks she is so funny.

Tonya, i hope you have fun at Toy Story 3. Bringing out the kid in you is always fun.

And Tonya I think EX lax brownies would be better...HA!

Just kidding of course.

Megz said...

I think heels can only be 'too high' if your starting height is in the 6 foot range....
Go knock 'em dead. That head cheerleader has nothing on you now. Has she even SEEN your craft room??

Lisa said...

How cruddy is it that we STILL feel~even just a smidgen~the way we did back in school? Everybody has's engrained. But you're beautiful and funny and you have a blog. That's cool! Add that to righteous high heels and you're golden!

Garden of Egan said...

Well have a blast! I can't imagine what fun you'll have. You'll be the life of the party.

I expect to have a lot of pictures. Especially of the fat head cheerleader and the bald homecoming king.

Ya, it's gonna be a riot.
My 35th reunion is next year.
I don't wanna hear any whining from you....diaper section.

T said...

hint for all reunion goers - 4 inch heels are NOT meant for shaking your booty... just saying.

and to all a good night!

LC said...

Woohoo! Have fun at your reunion.
If only we all could back to H.S. with our maturity and wisdom and do it all over again. Yeah right!

Laffylady said...

I hope you have a kick ass time...and the heels sound awesome....cant wait to hear more..!