Monday, October 6, 2008

Ahhh... memory lane... this road really needs to be re-paved!

this 20, 10, 5, 1... is brought to you courtesy of Meg, and the number 20.  (I watched WAY too much Sesame Street as a child... but that was more than 20 years ago and thus the subject of another post entirely)  And yes, I'm doing 2 in one day - I'm getting tired of tag week so we're going to condense it a teensy bit!

20 years ago:  maybe not to the day - but I was finally of legal dating age and went out with some guy named Bryant to a Chinese Restaurant.  Trying to disguise my dislike of the food I'd  ordered I was talking a lot and gesturing with my hands - I know, that's a shocker.  Unfortunately my hands were holding a fork (no, I wasn't brave enough for chopsticks 20 years ago) and we were seated next to a short wall with a teensy little ledge which caught the edge of said fork and sent it flying... end over end over end... and it finally landed amongst a group of people just coming in to eat.  I used my embarrassment as an excuse to be done.  Funnier still - he continued to ask me out after that for awhile... I don't think we ever did go out again though.  Only guy I ever knew who really looked great with a beard.  OOoops, this was supposed to be a more general thing - working at a theatre in Downtown Denver, ditching my geometry class a lot... you know, typical teenage stuff :)

10 years ago:  Living in Wichita Kansas... wait, no - we had just moved AWAY from Wichita and were actually living with Q's parents for a little while (that being the code word for the fact that we overstayed our welcome by a tad...)  I was working at my 3rd KinderCare and suffering from a severe lack of respect for my boss - which was not entirely her fault I'm sure.  My two oldest were still but little wee ones and I had not learned the meaning of the words "basket case"  that came soon after though.

5 years ago:   Hmmm - why is this so hard?  We were living here, in this very house - though it looked VERY different at that point.  The kids were all doing well in school and I had yet to get super involved in PTA (ahh, those were the days).  I was teaching an occasional scrapbook class for the city, or maybe I was still on at Michael's then... details - who needs 'em?

1 year ago:  I was enjoying the beginning of school very much as the finally past-PTA president, it felt great.  The girls' awful summer haircuts were beginning to be manageable and I was beginning my Christmas shopping early!

Yesterday:  I listened to LDS General Conference on the radio...  it was good - I had small twinges of guilt that I will henceforth refer to as inspiration :)

There are no rules on how many I have to tag - so we'll go with... 2!  I'd like to see what Malinda was doing all those years when we'd lost touch - and since Becky and I seem to be twins separated at birth (aside from the whole birthday thing) I'd like to explore this theory a little further :)


American in Norway said...

Ok, on my way to go & snoop a bit..thanks so much for showing me some bloggy love on my big SITS day!

Jennw6kids said...

Tanya, oh my gosh, I am cracking up, love learning so many fun things about you!!

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

Thanks for coming by today! I love the dirt thing -- that must of been funny! Much Love


Ronnica said...

Nice memories!

JourneytoFamily said...

That's impressive! You've got a great husband. I don't think I could get my husband to read the books. He wasn't even too happy about working on a "romantic" movie until he saw it last week and really liked it. Now he's happy to be working on it.

LC said...

Gotta love chinese food! Chopsticks are no safer, I'm sure.

Fun to hear your slices of life!

Megz said...

Did the fork fly in the air in slow motion? Because that is how I pictured it.
Stick w/ feelings of inspiration and not guilt. Change is more likely to occur that way!

Sher said...

Hi, I'm really going to do that tag you tagged me with but first I'm going to take a shower. I think I deserve it after a couple of days -- and the people at the dentist will probably appreciate it. I enjoyed the info from the tags. Thanks.

T said...

In MY memory it was totally in slow motion! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!