Wednesday, October 8, 2008


yes, it's another tag - don't say I didn't warn you... we're getting them all out of the way so that I can always say "oh yeah, I already did that one, it was fun - thanks for the invite though"...  

This one I picked up over that The Funny Farm...  her exact words were "consider yourself tagged" - and that's what I did.

1- If every job paid $50,ooo a year, and you had no physical or mental limitations, what would you do?
Given that I've decided that no mental limitations also means that I'd have a talent for it - I'd do some interior design...  of course, now that everyone's making 50 grand a year I might not be too busy - or wait, will this be like HealthCare reform?  oh, let's stop right there before I offend someone with a political rant.  Remember this is designated tag week - otherwise known as "I don't want to talk about all the other things that are going on in life and in politics so I'm filling my blog with nonsense week"

2-What is your current church calling?  What do you like about it?  What have some of your other callings been?
First - I have to give permission to anyone opting to do this after me to eliminate this question if it doesn't apply... I didn't write the questions people - I'm just answering them!  I currently teach the 6/7 year old boys and girls - they are a fun group of kids and I've grown to like a lot of things about the class... especially when they make me laugh out loud even when they're saying something that's off topic.  In the past I have served as (and I'm trying to keep these in order from my first calling nearly 20 years ago).  CTR 6 (Colorado), Nursery (College), Relief Society Teacher (Utah), CTR 7 (Colorado), Primary Secretary (Colorado), CTR 6 (Kansas), Relief Society 4th Sunday teacher (Kansas), CTR 8(Washington), Primary Secretary (Washington), Primary President (Washington), CTR 7 (Utah), Webelos Leader, Cub Master, Cub Committee Chairman, CTR 7 (all in this ward).  I have also greatly enjoyed getting to substitute teach a lot in RS while working with the cubs...  but I have a theory - we are called into a particular area for a reason - and we're supposed to learn something from that experience... so PLEASE somebody, clue me into what I have been missing all the many many times I have taught CTR 6,7,&8!

3- Name a person you regularly encounter (outside of you family) who brightens your day.
little neighbor A always makes me smile because she says my name "Ton-Eee-Yuh", how can that not help.  Also, I am privileged to start each day walking to school with neighb0r S who I regularly unload all my cares and troubles on...  and she tells me all the time that she doesn't mind even though I'm sure have more insanity than most :)

4- In 20 years, what do you think you will miss most about your life now?  Aside from my svelte figure and endless energy - oh wait, I'm going back 20 years again... umm, definitely my daily interactions with my children.  They drive me batty and then some most days - they are all incredible people with strong personalities...  I sometimes look forward to missing them, but I am sure I will... and then they'll visit and I'll change my mind :)

5- What's something you appreciate about your spouse?  This might be a long story - so hold on...  During the dark ages (the dating years) I met a lot of guys - and while you're looking for "Mr. Right" you tend to evaluate the potential field a little bit...  there were guys that made you fall head over heels for them and you (or maybe just me?) tend to change yourself just a tad to be more athletic/more brainy/ more witty so that they will like you more.  I knew Q was the one for me when I realized that I wasn't trying to be something different - that I could just be myself and we could be happy.  I loved him more because I actually liked myself more... Does that make any sense?  Okay, if it didn't let's just pretend I said I love that he tries to pitch in at home especially when he knows I've had a really nutso type of day.

6- What is your favorite routine, household chore?  really, I do tend to like clearing the tables and counters - it's such a rewarding result... until the next meal-time at least.

7- What's a book you return to occasionally (besides the scriptures)?
Oh, I have to go with Les Miserables - I don't always read it all the way through, but I love the intermingled plot lines and the history of it.

8- Favorite Small Pleasures:  blogging (entirely my SIL's fault), reading

9- Favorite Time of The Day:  I used to be more energetic and I'd do early morning walks - I would stand there on the sidewalk waiting for my friend  to come out of her house and be overwhelmed by the beauty of the morning pre-sunrise...  I love that each day brings with it a new opportunity to do a better job than the day before.

10- Name a person who performed what they thought was a small act of service, but ended up being a big deal to you:  When I was 8 months pregnant with my last child my friend Tara (who was pregnant herself) offered to come by and help me fold all the laundry that had been piling up...  it was clean, just not folded.  I had a doozy of a case of carpal tunnel at the time and really couldn't do much for myself and this one thing gave me a chance to feel like I wasn't months behind in the housework.  By the time she left I was more relaxed because I'd had a chance to chat with another adult and all the kids' sheets were washed and back on their beds - no small task for 2 pregnant ladies :)

11- Name someone who somehow changed your life.  This could be a LONG list.  I'll go with my oldest son though - all my kids probably, but him because he was the first.  On a daily basis he reminds me that I have a lot of growing to do in this world - and that despite being the adult I am but a child.  Maturity?  Yeah, we're working on it.

12- Consider what you do each day.  Think of one attribute or trait that you bring to your daily work that is a strength--what is something you do really well?  Crud... I'd forgotten that one was one there...  I'm going to go with perseverance...  because as many times as I just want to throw in the towel - I don't...  I don't WANT to stick to the budget, but I know I need to - I don't WANT to do the dishes/laundry/vacuuming/etc... but that's my job and it makes the house a happier place for my family.  

Ugh - this is not a funny post...  I suppose that's part of why I picked this tag to save for the end of tag week (well, almost the end...)

Tagging people:  I thought about tagging Ben - but he already posted about gratitude this week - and my list of other people that read here (and admit it) is limited to Kollen, Jenn, Heather, and Laura...  if any of you are feeling grateful, be my guest!


Becky said...

When I was pregnant, my husband always laughed at me for waiting until he was home to rotate the bed or put on the sheets.

I've decided he get to carry the next child.

Becky said...

Whoops! I meant gets - he gets to carry the next child. Darn me and my OCD. I couldn't just leave it alone...

Megz said...

Ike's kindergarten teacher was also his CTR/5 teacher and had that calling repeatedly. After complaining that she needed a break from that age, she realized that maybe she was always in that calling because she was REALLY good with 5-year-olds. Which she was. So maybe you just have a gift for kids. Or they know you'd make too many comments in RS. I don't know...take your pick!

cold cocoa said...

Only nursery once, and in college? Looks like you need to do that one a bit more. And you and Q would make a great team.

PS. I think you are the Blog Tag Queen.

mariann and Tory said...

THat is so sweet about your story on meeting Quinn! I hear ya in about 20 years I will miss my kids terribly, but we get to be grandparents! I can't wait!

gingela5 said...

Oh those are good! And that's sweet about your hubby! SOunds like he was perfect for you!

LC said...

I loved the part about Q! Blogs are great for learning little tidbits like that.
Those were some fun questions. I'll want to answer them too sometime.