Sunday, October 5, 2008


yes, another tag - hey, I warned you it was tag week - what did you expect?  This Beauty is from my friend Janet who saved my sanity more than once while we lived in Arlington, Washington.

2 names you go by:  Mom and Tonya
2 things I'm wearing right now:  Grey workout pants and my t-shirt that proclaims "My Way or the Highway"  (I should have changed before answering that... or lied...)
2 of my favorite things:  my family and a good book
2 things I want very badly at the moment:  Sleep and for the laundry fairies to come and take care of the mountain of clean laundry I washed but cannot bring myself to fold
2 favorite pets you have/had:  Pinegar (a fish) and Ebby (a cat)
2 things you did last night:  Laundry, Dishes
2 things you ate today:  pretzel sticks, turkey tacos
Last 2 people you talked to:  my dear hubby Q, and M... she wanted something and now I'm wondering if I took care of it?
2 things you are planning on doing today:  oops, should have written this earlier - there's not much planned for the rest of the day...  study time with the family and making cookies together
2 longest trips taken in the last 5 years:  Florida with Q (first time we were alone in 12 years), and San Diego with the family - LegoLand rocks.
2 favorite holidays:  Christmas and Groundhog's Day
2 favorite beverages:  Wendy's light Lemonade, and Berry Flavored Water  (and no Janet, I wasn't copying you... I just happen to love the stuff too!) 

2 people who get to do this next:  Sher (my sister in law) and Kristelle (my good friend and neighbor whom I'm sure will still talk to me after this)


Susie said...

That's a great tag! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I hope that you come back soon:-)

Becky said...

Groundhog's Day? Seriously?

Megz said...

Not getting the lemonade thing...
Do you believe pretzel sticks taste better than the traditional pretzel shaped pretzels? I strongly do and like to argue with anyone who differs.

Sarah C. said...

Hi! I found you through SITs! Your profile photo is really cute!

T said...

Meg - heck yeah the sticks taste better... especially the big fat ones... ymmm... besides, when we eat the traditional ones M wants me to make them into letters to spell out her name and other fun words... very wasteful!

Becky - well... groundhog's day just also happens to be a monumental day in the happenings of our family and I celebrate with gusto (even if nobody makes me a fancy cake like I do for THEIR birthdays!) Hubby's b-day is on earth day... we're all about the small holidays here!

just the five of us said...

two great minds drink alike...I wouldn't think you were copying me. I can't be the only one in the world who gets tired of regular water:)