Monday, September 27, 2010

Conspiracy Theories...

Some days are just not meant to go as planned.

Today is one of those days.  By 9:30 this morning I had given up on getting any of the planned activities done.

5:40 - alarm goes off
6:00 - I go on my morning walk/therapy session
7:00 - I return home. 
7:05 - I make sure that T and W are awake... they are (so far so good)
7:06 - M tells me her stomach is hurting - I recommend going to the bathroom (c'mon, you know that 99% of the time this is the problem!)
7:08 - Po tells me his eyes hurt.  No visible signs of redness, please get ready for school.
7:10 - H tells me her arm is sore.  I check it.  ManOfTheHouse has a look.  No obvious signs of damage - but I do offer to help her with her hair since her arm is sore.
7:12 - T is annoyed because W just jumped in the shower - making them both a bit later than they should be.
7:13 - M is still groaning and telling me her tummy hurts but declares that perhaps a good toot would make it feel better.  I recommend going outside for a few minutes because the fresh air might help.  (the sweet innocent thing didn't even suspect my ulterior motive)
etc... etc... etc...
I made the lunches, I did some laundry, I got them all out the door (on time!) and to their respective schools.  I then began to re-arrange the family room (anyone want a slightly used old reddish orange couch?) since we're expecting a furniture delivery shortly.

Then... the phone rings...  Yep, I'm a crappy mom.  M had barely finished her bell work at school before proving definitively that her stomach was really hurting... and not just from some trapped gases.  I'll be there as soon as possible.  Right?

Problem #1 - I'm still wearing my walking clothes.  Solution - who cares, rip off the socks and wear sandals.

Problem #2 - My glasses are broken.  Solution - pop in my contacts, quickly.

Problem #3 - Solution... no really... my contact solution.  I forgot I'd purchased a NEW kind of contact solution that apparently ONLY works with their fancy contact lens container...  which MUST must MUST be allowed to sit for a minimum of 6 hours before the solution is neutralized and therefore NOT like pouring Hydrogen Peroxide onto your eyeball.

Say it with me - OUCH!

no... much louder than that...

but really...  it's 3 1/2 hours later and I'm still squinting and typing with only one usable eye.

BUT - I got to the school... I managed to cram the broken glasses onto my face, held in place by my sunglasses and drove up there in record time.  Changed her clothes, wrapped her in a towel and walked her (shoeless) out to the car.  Got her home and settled on the brown couch (now you know why I'm only offering the red one up for adoption) while I continued to gut the family room - with brief breaks to start another load of laundry... or 3.

The delivery came - my new couch is on the back porch hiding from the sun because the room is FAR from ready...  how am I supposed to move out a couch occupied by a now sleeping M?

Me?  I should be running to the library (ummm... yeah, can't drive without my contacts - maybe in 6 hours?), I should be making Girls Night Out plans for October (I swear... I'll get right on that... after I shower), I should be making dinner (hmmm... somehow nothing is appealing to me after the clean-up I've been doing), and of course, after my long weekend absence I should be checking out some of the blogs I missed (I will, as long as little miss M stays asleep for a few more minutes!)

Now let's just all cross our fingers that I don't get two MORE phone calls from the schools letting me know that the sore arm and the itchy eyes are actually some horrible thing!

(I swear - just as I typed that the phone rang... luckily it was just M.O.T.H. - calling to sympathize from his relatively safe and puke-free existence)


Garden of Egan said...

Wow. Your day sounds like my life. The only difference is I get paid to clean up barfiness.
I refuse to clean it up at home cuz I don't get paid.

Hopefully the day isn't a total loss.
Throw an onion in the oven (makes the house smell like something is cooking) and order in a pizza.

Jen T said...

oh bless you! momma said there would be days like this, but it seems they come more often than necessary! thinking of you! hang in there--the sun will come out tomorrow!

Missy said...

Hope she gets better soon! Hope you getter better soon! LOL

Barbaloot said...

I have totally rocked the glasses with sunglasses over the top look. Hope M feels better---and you find something that sounds good to eat:)

Saimi said...

Poor dear, you not M well she's a poor thing...Listen, you've been through way too much to be thinking about making dinner! Call Mr. Man and have him bring home something after work.

Once the new furniture arrives, sit and take a break, close your eyes and forget about the laundry.

I hope your day gets better, I guess girls night out can't come fast enough!

Gina said...

Holy Moses that's one crazy day. Gosh. Luckily it's not like that every day, right?

Cherie said...

Oh Mama - it is definately that time of year. The flu is going around here too. Probably the only thing I don't love about the fall.
My son at college called me a couple hours ago to tell me he was sick - I felt bad for him but felt a little giddy when I reminded him to Lysol his bathroom (that I don't have to clean because he is 6 hours away! Ha ha).
Hope your little one feels better soon.
Pictures of the new furniture would be good - that is exciting!

Charlotte said...

I hope you get no more phone calls. It is horrible to be forced to admit that the child did complain of pain before school and you let them go anyway. I've done it far too many times to admit.

One Cluttered Brain said...

oh man!
I'm still itching from that contact problem! Ai yi yi....
Pizza night perhaps?

Cheeseboy said...

Craziest 10 minutes of any morning ever. Hope that arm is okay!

Holly said...

Definite WILD day... I'm out of breath... OK, only in my mind! LOL!!

Fresh AIR!! HAH!! ;p

Yeah! As you can TELL, I've been so behind on keeping up in the blogosphere as I'm having some computer issues (which should be resolved next week with a new computer, I hope... SWEET!!) But being overwhelmed with photo editing, I had to step back a bit and I miss keeping up!

FYI: It's a BIG MAYBE and a secret from Hubby (kids are planning... so we'll see if it comes to fruition...) but I MAY be in St George in FEB!! Maybe we could touch base... and Alexes... Maybe we can find a talking garbage can and relive CBC memories!! LOL!! I'll keep you updated!


Amber said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who has those kinds of days! :) And if it is any comfort to you, I did the same thing with my contacts and that nasty solution is HORRID. My eyes burned for 3 days.